Plant for Wildlife


The Oakland Zoo shares a concern for the future of pollinating insects such as bees, beetles and butterflies with other AZA accredited institutions, and is a founding member of the Butterfly Conservation Initiative. To support pollinators and other wildlife, the zoo has planted two blooming butterfly gardens, a variety of natives all over the zoo grounds, and is in the planning stages of creating an expansive, ecological recovery zone.


Much of the food, beverages, fibers, spices, and medicines that we enjoy and depend on needs to be pollinated by animals. Sadly, these pollinating animals, like butterflies, beetles and bees are in danger due to habitat loss, pesticide use and the introduction of invasive species.


The Oakland Zoo Edna Mack Butterfly Garden and the Barbara W. Robbins Butterfly Garden offer blooming habitat for butterflies, caterpillars and other pollinators, as well as provide wonderful places for ZooCampers and ZooSchool students to learn about pollination, the life cycle and the web of life.


We also hope the gardens inspire visitors to plant for pollinators in their own yard or neighborhood. As an Oakland Zoo conservation community working together, we can give the butterflies what they really need: connected corridors of pollinator habitat everywhere!


Take the Oakland Zoo Butterfly Garden Challenge
This is a call to action for all of our members to plant as much butterfly habitat as we can. Remember, even a window box is a wonderful contribution to hungry butterflies. Are you ready?


Learn What Types of Plants Attract Butterflies

Learn How to Create a Butterfly Garden


If you do plant for pollinators in your yard or neighborhood, let us know about it at:


P.O. Box 5238

9777 Golf Links Road Oakland, CA 94605