California Trail

A transformational project that furthers our commitments to animal care, education, and conservation, California Trail provides a chance to interpret one of the great stories of change in California and emphasizes the role of humans in shaping the ecology of the San Francisco Bay Area. Through live native animal and plant exhibits, the Zoo highlights the delicate balance between plants, animals, and humans—and the impact of change on all three. From casual visitors to serious students and scientists—all can join in the effort to nurture and create a better California.


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Explore and Engage

Wildlife Education

Large, naturalistic habitats in a park-like setting where visitors meet eight native species to learn about their relationships to human, including what we can all do to ensure their future in the wild.

Habitat Education

Inside an interpretive center with a wall-length window into the grizzly habitat, visitors will explore California’s diverse habitats, step into the shoes of conservation researchers, and find their place as a member of a community of people taking action for California’s wildlife.


Clorox Outdoor Overnight Experience

How would you like to visit the grizzly bears at night? The group campground offers an urban camping experience with after-dark activities, fun and learning.

Ecological Recovery Zone

The hillside between the Lower Zoo and California Trail is a protected site preserving native plant habitats for local wildlife, including the endangered Alameda Striped Racer snake. Restoration work will continue here with help from community groups and companies. Volunteer to help care for Knowland Park and learn why native plants are vital to healthy ecosystems.  Want to know more, email us.

California Wilds Playground

Children learn through play. In this expansive outdoor space, children can run, jump, slide, hide, spin, soar, and build in five play zones inspired by the different ecological zones that the California Trail animals call home.

San Francisco Bay Overlook

Pause to reflect on the breathtaking views of the San Francisco Bay and six Bay Area counties. See how the region has evolved since the California Trail animals ruled the land.

California Conservation Habitarium

Along the Trail you can learn how to carry your experience home. Interactive learning will encourage further understanding and inspire visitors to join conservation efforts here in California.

Where You'll Find Our Animals

Animals and Attractions

American Bison–2018

American Black Bears–2018

California Condors–2018

California Conservation Habitarium–2018

Children's Activity Zone–2018



Grey Wolves–2018

Grizzly Bears–2018


Mountain Lions–2018

San Francisco Bay Overlook–2018


Chow Time


The Landing Café

Open daily, The Landing Café offers chef-inspired cuisine and breathtaking views. The menu features hand-tossed pizzas, artisan burgers and sandwiches, and gourmet salads, and the observation deck provides panoramic views of six Bay Area counties.

Landing Café Hours: 10am-4:30pm

Oakland Zoo actively supports conservation programs in California.

Conservation in California

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