Teen Wild Guides

Grades 9–12

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the TWG program has been modified to comply with current safety guidelines.

Why Become a Teen Wild Guide? (TWG)

There are many reasons to consider joining this exciting program, including:

Conservation Support

In the past, we have raised money for conservation organizations around the world, created teen-led Zoo events such as the Asian Animal Festival and CaliforniaFest!, created pollinator habitats, participated in beach clean-ups, and helped with black-crown night heron conservation by attaining almost 1000 signatures to make them the official bird of Oakland.

Age Requirements and Responsibilities

Core Schedule

The teens' core schedule consists of working in the Valley Children's Zoo at a variety of stations designed to help children to learn about and experience our animals, including:

Application Process

Please review Teen Wild Guides Important Dates to ensure that you will be able to attend before applying to be a Teen Wild Guide.

How to Apply


Please read Teen Wild Guide FAQ's. Still have questions? You can contact the Program Director, Teen Outreach at nlanders@oaklandzoo.org or by phone at (510) 632-9525 ext. 201.