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{ "name":"Oakland Zoo Day at Oakland Ballers", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Oakland Zoo fans & Ballers fans alike are invited to enjoy a great day of baseball when the Oakland Ballers take on the Great Falls Voyagers at Raimondi Park. Swing by the Oakland Zoo's education table for some fun activities before the game, and stick around for exciting in-game giveaways!", "slug":"oakland-zoo-day-at-oakland-ballers", "dates":"July 13, 2024", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Member Summer Offers", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Make even more Summer memories in the Zoo’s Rides area! Enjoy 50% off Unlimited Rides Wristbands with proof of active membership, 3:00pm until closing every day of the week May 25 - September 2!", "slug":"member-summer-offers", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Gondola & California Trail CLOSED for Scheduled Maintenance", "thumb":"", "abstract":"The Gondola and California Trail are closed to the public for scheduled maintenance. We're working hard to make sure this area of the Zoo is safe and in the best shape for you!", "slug":"gondola-california-trail-closed-for-scheduled-maintenance", "dates":"September 9-13, 2024", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Zoo CLOSED for Thanksgiving Day", "thumb":"", "abstract":"The Zoo is closed to the public. Don't worry! The animals are still being taken care of by our dedicated staff.", "slug":"zoo-closed-for-thanksgiving-day", "dates":"November 28, 2024", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Teen Summer Internships", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Oakland Zoo is excited to expand its teen volunteer opportunities with the creation of four brand new internships on our Education and Maintenance teams. Teens have their choice to apply for Education, Engagement, Ambassador Animal Program, and Maintenance positions meant to inspire and build a foundation for a stronger future.", "slug":"teen-summer-internships", "dates":"Summer 2024", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Grizzly Berry", "thumb":"", "abstract":"We partnered with our neighbors at TCHO to pay homage to the iconic wildlife that once roamed freely in our Golden State. It wasn’t long before we imagined bears foraging across California, which led TCHO to this blackberry-infused chocolate with a bite of blueberries. A roaring bar we call “Grizzly Berry.”", "slug":"grizzly-berry", "dates":"Ongoing", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Member Early Entry", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Oakland Zoo Members are invited to watch the Zoo wake up! See keepers finish their morning routines and watch the animals come out to find what treats await them. Reminder: As of January 17, 2024, Members no longer need to make reservations to visit whenever the Zoo is open! Main Entrance opens at 9:00am. Gondola opens at 9:30am.", "slug":"member-early-entry", "dates":"June 24-30, 2024 | July 1-31, 2024 | August 1-31, 2024 | September 1-2, 2024", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Discount AfterZOOns", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Splash into summer with Discount AfterZOOns! Plan ahead and save up to 35% off general admission for entrance after 3pm, May 25 thru September 2. Advanced ticket reservation required. Offer valid online only.", "slug":"discount-afterzoons", "dates":"June 24-30, 2024 | July 1-31, 2024 | August 1-31, 2024 | September 1-2, 2024", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Zoo CLOSING EARLY for Donor Exclusive Afternoon", "thumb":"", "abstract":"The Zoo will be closing early for an exclusive donor event. The last entry into the Zoo will be at 12:30 pm. All guests must exit the Zoo by 2:00pm.", "slug":"zoo-closing-early-for-donor-exclusive-afternoon", "dates":"July 11, 2024", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"ZooCamp FAQ", "thumb":"", "abstract":"", "slug":"zoocamp-faq", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Gondola/California Trail Closure", "thumb":"", "abstract":"", "slug":"gondola-california-trail-closure", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"UC Climate Stewards Certification Course", "thumb":"", "abstract":"The UC Climate Stewards Certification Course will integrate locally relevant themes of the conservation of native plants and animals, environmental justice, and community stewardship. Through guest speakers, field trips, and activities we will learn about and discuss principles and practice towards increasing community and ecosystem resilience to disappearing species, creating equitable and equal access to natural landscapes, and Taking Action for Wildlife. This course takes place every Thursday from January 25 - May 2.", "slug":"uc-climate-stewards-certification-course", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Cocktails & Conservation LIVE: Saving Oakland's Official Bird Photo Gallery", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Tonight, Amy Gotliffe, Vice President of Conservation at Oakland Zoo, will speak with Golden Gate Audubon, International Bird Rescue, and Oakland Zoo’s Heron Rescue Team. We will be exploring how this alliance of organizations is Taking Action to ensure a future for the official bird of Oakland - the Black-Crowned Night Heron. These slides will supplement the presenters’ overview of their work.", "slug":"ccphotos", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Zoo CLOSING EARLY for Christmas Eve", "thumb":"", "abstract":"The Zoo will close early for Christmas Eve. All guests must exit the Zoo by 3:00pm.", "slug":"zoo-closing-early-for-christmas-eve", "dates":"December 24, 2024", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Zoo is closed due to wildfire smoke", "thumb":"", "abstract":"", "slug":"zoo-is-closed-due-to-wildfire-smoke", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Give the Gift of Oakland Zoo", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Whether you are celebrating a family member's birthday or congratulating a team of employees for a job well done, the gift of an Oakland Zoo visit is always a great choice! Let us help you wrap up the wonder of being a kid at any age in Children’s Zoo, surprise them with a grizzly pool playtime at California Trail, or tie a bow around the breathtaking views from the Gondola. Oakland Zoo has you covered for any occasion.", "slug":"give-the-gift-of-oakland-zoo", "dates":"Ongoing", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"School and Community Group Reservations", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Environmental education is at the core of our mission at Oakland Zoo and our goal is to make that connection to conservation more accessible to groups in our community. Whether it’s with a school, youth group, church, or other non-profit organization, making a reservation ensures your group admittance on a specific date and offers a discounted rate. Once inside, you can explore the zoo at your own pace! ", "slug":"school-and-community-group-reservations", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Toss the Tusk", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Do you have items made from endangered animals and don't know what to do with them? Drop it off at the Zoo during this event! Items will be used by California Department of Fish and Wildlife and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services officials for training to combat the Illegal Wildlife Trade.", "slug":"toss-the-tusk", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Buy Tickets Reroute", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Hang in there! Oakland Zoo tickets available February 1", "slug":"buy-tickets-reroute", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Oakland Zoo's Annual Membership Meeting", "thumb":"", "abstract":"The Board of Trustees of the Conservation Society of California – Oakland Zoo welcomes Zoo members and community members to join our Annual Meeting virtually on January 31. Nik Dehejia, Oakland Zoo Chief Executive Officer, will deliver his State of the Zoo report and share highlights and achievements from 2023.", "slug":"annual-meeting", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Weather Closure", "thumb":"", "abstract":"What to do if you have tickets to the zoo and it closes due to weather.", "slug":"weather-closure", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Glowfari", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Glowfari will return in November 2024 - stay tuned for more details! This wildly popular, family-friendly experience is back with hundreds of ALL new, larger-than-life animal lanterns throughout the Zoo. Each lantern tells the story of the ongoing journey of wildlife, the importance of every species on our planet, and Oakland Zoo's commitment to conservation.", "slug":"glowfari", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"LollapaZOOla", "thumb":"", "abstract":"A huge THANK YOU to everyone that attended LollapaZOOla and helped us achieve our fundraising goal and THEN some! With your support we raised an incredible $506,850 for our Animal Care Fund!", "slug":"lollapazoola", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Cocktails & Conservation", "thumb":"", "abstract":"This virtual and in-person happy hour series features some of the world’s most incredible conservationists. These heroes are working on the ground every day to save endangered species and their habitats. Guests join us live & in-person or on Facebook or YouTube Live to learn, ask questions, and be a part of the solution to preserve our planet’s rich and diverse wildlife.", "slug":"cocktails-conservation", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"April Showers", "thumb":"", "abstract":"", "slug":"april-showers", "dates":"April 2020", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Backyard Conservationist", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Conservation doesn’t stop because we’re stuck at home. Join us and take action for wildlife from your home, balcony, or backyard.", "slug":"backyard-conservationist", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Safely Enjoying Nature", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Safely enjoying nature and the outdoors is more important than ever, not only for our physical health but also for our mental well-being. Nature journaling, hiking, and gardening with Oakland Zoo’s education staff are some of the great ways to find beauty, peace, and comfort. ", "slug":"safely-enjoying-nature", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Junior Zookeepers", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Animals need more than food, water, and shelter to be happy and healthy; they need enrichment, things to keep them mentally stimulated. Explore, tips, tricks, and recipes for keeping your pets mentally stimulated while sheltering in place.", "slug":"junior-zookeepers", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Animal Anecdotes", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Learn all about our zoo animals and ask those questions you've always wondered. Why are squirrel monkeys yellow? Do grizzly bears roar? Find out here.", "slug":"animal-anecdotes", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Distance Learning", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Continue where you left off at school with grade-level appropriate activities and lessons. From pre-school to post-school, there's something for everyone. Start by exploring some of our activities for all ages or jump to specific grade levels and dive in.", "slug":"zoohomeschool", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Zoo@Home", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Zoo@Home allows you to experience all the educational opportunities from the comfort of your home! Continue where you left off at school with grade level appropriate activities and lessons. Safely enjoy nature and the outdoors while learning more about local wildlife. Learn all about the zoo animals and ask those questions you've always wondered. Even become a Jr. Zookeeper by creating enrichment for your pets at home. New content added weekly!", "slug":"zoo-at-home", "dates":"Ongoing", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Oakland Zoo is Reopening", "thumb":"", "abstract":"How Oakland Zoo is addressing the spread of the coronavirus and the safety & health of our guests.", "slug":"coronavirus", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Beads for Chimps", "thumb":"", "abstract":"", "slug":"beads-for-chimps", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Leave the Leaves", "thumb":"", "abstract":"", "slug":"leave-leaves", "dates":"February 2020", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Planet-Friendly Shopping", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Our gift shop offers a unique selection of items that are both enjoyable and sustainable.", "slug":"planet-friendly-shopping", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Reduce, Reuse, Recycle", "thumb":"", "abstract":"We strive to purchase and use less so we produce less waste.", "slug":"reduce-reuse-recycle", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"On-Site Composting", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Our composting program diverts tons of waste from landfills.", "slug":"on-site-composting", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Solar Power", "thumb":"", "abstract":"We're shining a light on solar energy and our attractions.", "slug":"solar-power", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"The Green Cafe", "thumb":"", "abstract":"We're serving food on biodegradable plates and utensils that are kinder to the planet.", "slug":"the-green-cafe", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"#NoToPlastic Community Clean-Ups", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Join Oakland Zoo in Taking Action for whales, sea turtles, shorebirds and all native Wildlife! Volunteers meet at the Zoo and ride the Zoo Shuttle to a local bay-destined waterway to remove trash, including the ever-abundant plastics that harms and kills our seabirds, turtles, fish and more.", "slug":"notoplastic-community-clean-ups", "dates":"More dates coming soon!", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Welcome Bees Home", "thumb":"", "abstract":"", "slug":"welcome-bees-home", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Saying No to Plastic", "thumb":"", "abstract":"With 8 million tons of plastic finding its way into our oceans annually, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050. Animals on land are being equally affected by plastic. Simple changes to how we use plastic are the best way to combat this worldwide crisis. Oakland Zoo is working to reduce our usage of plastics and eliminating all single-use plastics. Join us in making the change and Taking Action for Wildlife by saying no to plastic!", "slug":"saying-no-to-plastic", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Zoo Reopening after PG&E Power Outage ", "thumb":"", "abstract":"The Zoo is Closed Tuesday, October 27 due to a PG&E Power Shut-Off. Learn more if you have reservations for these dates and how to reschedule.", "slug":"power-outage", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Wings Over Kenya - A Safari Adventure with Oakland Zoo", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Join Oakland Zoo Animal Care staff for a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Kenya. You'll visit 3 national parks and visit with our conservation partners along the way. From your safari vehicle (window seating is guaranteed for each traveler) you'll be able to witness prides of lions, herds of elephants, zebra, hippos, crocodiles, giraffe, and many more!", "slug":"wings-over-kenya-safari", "dates":"January 16-28, 2025 | October 16-28, 2025", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Lion Appreciation Day", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Come celebrate the majestic lion at Oakland Zoo this August, in honor of World Lion Day! Lions are one of the most iconic animals in the world – but the King of the Beasts is in trouble in the wild. Learn how you can help them with special themed activities and information from our lion conservation partners!", "slug":"lion-appreciation-day", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Protect Wild Wolves", "thumb":"", "abstract":"By helping us bring attention to the importance of the wolf species, your support energizes our efforts to protect wild wolves in Calfornia and beyond. ", "slug":"protect-wild-wolves", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Healthy Living Festival", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Seniors of Alameda County - you’re invited to the 20th Annual Healthy Living Festival at Oakland Zoo! The Healthy Living Festival is a free event for older adults, 55 and above, living in Alameda County. This annual event, promotes health and wellness for aging adults, and includes free food, music, fun and more. Join us in taking collective action to improve the quality of life for seniors throughout Alameda County. Together, we can make a positive change!", "slug":"healthy-living-festival", "dates":"September 28, 2023", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Brunch for the Wild Bunch", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Enjoy the rare opportunity to place food around habitats before the animals go out for the day. Place produce for Osh the elephant, hide seeds for the baboons, spread snacks for the sun bears, or toss treats around the grizzly yard. Love giraffe? Now is your chance to participate in a feeding! Stay tuned for more datese.", "slug":"brunch-for-the-wild-bunch", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Walk in the Wild 2023", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Join Oakland Zoo on Thursday, June 22, 2023, for our signature fundraising event! Enjoy a sampling of small bites and libations from the Bay Area’s top chefs and restaurants. Tickets on sale now! Attendees must be 21 or over. Please note the Zoo will be closed for daytime admission.", "slug":"walk-in-the-wild-2023", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Community Groups", "thumb":"", "abstract":"We work with a variety of community groups (corporate, school, church, service) to complete habitat restoration, animal enrichment, and landscape management projects.", "slug":"community-groups", "dates":"Ongoing", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Conservation Volunteers", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Conservation Volunteers work at our animal stations to interpret our conservation initiatives to Zoo guests of all ages! Choose between our Quarters for Conservation or Beads for Chimps stations, as well as special events such as Earth Day and other fundraising events.", "slug":"conservation-volunteers", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Docents", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Are you fascinated by Flamingos, riveted by River Otters, or wild for Warthogs? Bring your frenzy for fauna to Oakland Zoo and become a Docent!", "slug":"docents", "dates":"We are not accepting Docent Applications at this time.", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Horticulture Volunteers", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Work with our Horticulture staff on the daily requirements of park maintenance and assist with landscape management and habitat restoration projects. ", "slug":"general-volunteers", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Animal Care Volunteers", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Work alongside a keeper assisting with daily animal care: cleaning of exhibits and night houses, preparing diets, raking, hosing, making enrichment items, and much more! Want to help our Animal Care team in a different way? Become part of the Behavioral Observation Team!", "slug":"animal-care-volunteers", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Animal Care Internships", "thumb":"", "abstract":"The Internship Program within the Animal Care, Conservation, and Research Department (ACCR) provides engaging learning experiences designed to inspire an ethic of stewardship in the next generation, stimulate interest in zoos as a viable career option, and to increase the diversity of professionals working in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) within zoos, aquariums, and in the wild.", "slug":"animal-care-internships", "dates":"Fall, Winter, and Summer Sessions", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Zoo CLOSED for Christmas Day", "thumb":"", "abstract":"The Zoo is closed to the public. Don't worry! The animals are still being taken care of by our dedicated staff.", "slug":"zoo-closed-for-christmas-day", "dates":"December 25, 2024", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Earth Day 2024", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Celebrate this wonderful planet we all call home with booths featuring our conservation partners and local environmental organizations, musical performances, art, crafts, and more!", "slug":"earth-day", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Living with California Wildlife", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Found an animal that needs help? Looking for information about coexisting with urban wildlife? Need to find a rescue organization or re-home an exotic pet? This is your comprehensive guide for living with wildlife in the East Bay.", "slug":"living-with-california-wildlife", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Quarters for Conservation", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Contribute your change to Quarters for Conservation. Your spare change could change the future for species across the planet. Visit our Quarters for Conservation stations, choose your favorite species and cause, and watch your change swirl heroically towards a better future for wildlife.", "slug":"quarters-for-conservation", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Recycle Cell Phones", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Got an old cell phone? Recycle it with Eco-Cell. By doing so, toxic waste is kept out of the landfill, the refurbished phone benefits people in need, and you're helping gorillas in the wild. And when you bring your old cell phone to the Oakland Zoo Rides Area ticket booth, you get a FREE ride on the train. ", "slug":"recycle-cell-phones", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Sign up for eScrip", "thumb":"", "abstract":"eScrip is a great and easy way to raise money for the Zoo without costing you any money - other than what you already spend. Contributions from EScrip help the Oakland Zoo do more for wildlife everywhere!", "slug":"sign-up-for-escrip", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Understand the Palm Oil Crisis", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Palm oil is in just about every type of consumer product. Tragically, the industry poses a threat to these and other species, as much of it uses deforestation practices that greatly threaten these animals’ delicate habitat.", "slug":"understand-the-palm-oil-crisis", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Eco-Travel", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Oakland Zoo leads life-changing trips around the world, visiting wildlife, their habitats, and some of our incredible conservation partners. Our Eco-trips are engaging and authentic, as we offer experiences that our unique relationships allow.", "slug":"eco-travel", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Pathways for Pollinators", "thumb":"", "abstract":"This is a call to action for all of our members to plant as much pollinator habitat as we can. Remember, even a window box is a wonderful contribution to hungry butterflies, bees and hummingbirds. Are you ready? ", "slug":"plant-for-wildlife", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"ZooSchool", "thumb":"", "abstract":"IMPORTANT NOTE: ZooSchool Program reservation requests are now available for the 2023-2024 school year. Bring your class to the Zoo and experience a day full of adventure! Upon arrival each class will be greeted by an Education Specialist, who will bring you to a classroom and introduce your theme. Then you will venture into the Zoo to explore and observe the plants and animals on a guided tour.", "slug":"zooschool", "dates":"September - May", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Special Tours", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Docent Tours are provided to children (ages 5 and up) as well as adults. For our visitors with disabilities or physical challenges, our Docents provide tours with specially-equipped electric carts. Reservations for docent tours must be made 2-3 weeks in advance. *Please note that Docent Tours are available for the Lower Zoo only. The California Trail is not currently available for tours.", "slug":"special-tours", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Zoo-to-Community", "thumb":"", "abstract":"For the school year 2023-2024, Oakland Zoo is currently accepting reservation requests for school field trips including education programming. Zoo-to-Community support for programs and transportation is available to OUSD Title 1 schools only on a first come first serve basis depending on dates requested. Please note that transportation support is available by request only and dependent on availability of funds and capacity. ", "slug":"zoo-to-community", "dates":"September - May", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Wildlife Assembly", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Meet some of our Education animals up close! This live, interactive animal presentation takes place in our outdoor Wildlife Theater (weather permitting). After the program, groups are welcome to explore the Zoo until their departure. This program is great for large groups with multiple classes and multiple age ranges.", "slug":"wildlife-assembly", "dates":"September - May", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Teen Wild Guides", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Our popular Teen Wild Guide (TWG) program is an important part of our volunteer corps consisting of young people interested in animals, conservation and our many young guests. They are motivated, friendly and have a lot of fun! Participants will be trained as interpreters in the Valley Children's Zoo, teaching visitors about animals and monitoring the goat/sheep barn. As TWGs develop within the program, they will have the opportunity to plan and participate in service learning projects, assist keepers and gain leadership experience.", "slug":"teen-wild-guides", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"ZooCamp Teen Assistants & Interns", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Love kids, nature, and ZooCamp? We need your help! Join us as a ZooCamp Teen Assistant or Intern and spend part of your summer playing with kids, helping to lead activities, making crafts, dressing up in costumes and, of course, having fun. Teen Assistants & Interns are truly an integral part of the camp experience! We have 3 positions available, each with different roles and requirements.", "slug":"teen-assistants-t-a", "dates":"June 3, 2024 - August 9, 2024 — Camp runs Monday-Friday and is broken into 1 week sessions", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Summer ZooCamp", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Oakland Zoo’s Summer ZooCamp is back! Our award-winning camp offers a wide variety of experiences including fun games, silly songs, Zoo tours, animal close-ups, behind-the-scenes with our Zoo Keepers, and more! Registration is now open!", "slug":"summer-zoocamp", "dates":"June 24-28, 2024 | July 8-12, 15-19, 22-26, 29-31, 2024 | August 1-2, 5-9, 2024", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Spring Break ZooCamp", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Thanks for a great Spring Break ZooCamp! Stay tuned for new dates for 2025.", "slug":"spring-break-zoo-camp", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Winter Break ZooCamp", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Thanks for a great Winter Break ZooCamp! Stay tuned for new dates for 2024-25.", "slug":"winter-break-zoocamp", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Fall Break ZooCamp", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Thanks for a great Fall Break ZooCamp! Stay tuned for new dates for 2024.", "slug":"fall-break-zoocamp", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"ZooMobile", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Discover the Wonders of the World's Wildlife with a ZooMobile Program! Bring the zoo to you in a variety of ways. A myriad of ZooMobile outreach programs have been tailored to meet the needs of your group!", "slug":"zoomobile", "dates":"By Request", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Veterinary Hospital Tours", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Take your next Zoo visit to a whole new level by touring our state-of-the-art Veterinary Hospital. This behind-the-scenes tour will take you through a facility designed to accommodate all current and future animals at Oakland Zoo.", "slug":"veterinary-hospital-tours", "dates":"July 3, 10, 13, 17, 20, 24, 27, 31, 2024 | August 3, 7, 10, 14, 17, 21, 24, 31, 2024 | September 4, 11, 14, 18, 21, 25, 28, 2024", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"ZooKids", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Stay tuned for more dates in the fall! Does your little one love animals? ZooKids classes are a great way for children ages 5-6 to have a fun and educational adventure at the Zoo. Each program includes a mini zoo tour, craft, games, and animal close-up. ", "slug":"zookids", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }
{ "name":"Boo at the Zoo", "thumb":"", "abstract":"Calling all ghosts, goblins, and witches - join us for Boo at the Zoo! New this year, navigate through a 500-bale hay maze and participate in a self-guided animal x-ray-themed scavenger hunt. Remember to dress in costume (no inflatable costumes - they can scare the Zoo animals) when you visit and tag Oakland Zoo on social media to enter our Halloween costume contest!", "slug":"boo-at-the-zoo", "dates":"", "zoocamp":"false", "urlReg":"", "urlLand":"" }