Take Action for Wildlife

Oakland Zoo takes Action for Wildlife by actively participating in conservation projects both at home and around the world. You and your family can take action, too! Learn more about the ways you can help wildlife and our environment.

96 Elephants

96 is the number of African Elephants that are currently being killed every day for their tusks. Oakland Zoo is proud to announce a new partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society through their campaign called ‘96 Elephants’. 96 Elephants brings together world citizens, partners, thought leaders, and change makers to leverage collective influence to stop the killing of elephants for their ivory.

Arroyo Viejo Creek Clean Up

Come volunteer at Oakland Zoo's Arroyo Viejo Creek! Volunteers work on a variety of tasks that may include: picking up garbage, pulling invasive species, spreading mulch, moving materials, cleaning signage or planting native plants. The projects are 100% outdoors!

June 16, 2018 | July 21, 2018 | August 18, 2018

Adults, Families

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Conservation Speaker Series

Sit, learn, be inspired, take action, enjoy. Attend one of our dynamic evening events, featuring guest speakers on field work, conservation, ecology, the environment and all those species we love. Each event includes refreshments and direct actions we can take to help on the spot.


Do you want to help wildlife and learn more about our conservation field partners around the world? Travel with Oakland Zoo on a Conservation Safari, Action for Wildlife Expedition, or Teen Eco-Trip!

Living with California Wildlife

Found an animal that needs help? Looking for information about coexisting with urban wildlife? Need to find a rescue organization or rehome an exotic pet? This is your comprehensive guide for living with wildlife in the East Bay.

Plant for Wildlife

This is a call to action for all of our members to plant as much butterfly habitat as we can. Remember, even a window box is a wonderful contribution to hungry butterflies. Are you ready?

Primates and other Exotic Animals Don’t Make Good Pets

Many of us love monkeys and apes. Sadly, some people take a love of these primates too far. Rather than admiring them in a natural habitat or at an accredited zoo, they choose to purchase monkeys and apes to keep as pets. Most make this choice without fully understanding the lifetime of care these species need, or the dangers and difficulties in caring for an exotic pet. The truth is there are many reasons why primate pets are not a good idea.


Adults, Families

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Quarters for Conservation

Contribute your change to Quarters for Conservation. Your spare change could change the future for species across the planet. Visit our Quarters for Conservation stations, choose your favorite species and cause, and watch your change swirl heroically towards a better future for wildlife.

Year Round

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Recycle Cell Phones

Got an old cell phone? Recycle it with Eco-Cell. By doing so, toxic waste is kept out of the landfill, the refurbished phone benefits people in need, and you're helping gorillas in the wild. And when you bring your old cell phone to the Oakland Zoo Rides Area ticket booth, you get a FREE ride on the train.



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Sign up for eScrip

eScrip is a great and easy way to raise money for the Zoo without costing you any money - other than what you already spend. Contributions from EScrip help the Oakland Zoo do more for wildlife everywhere!

Understand the Palm Oil Crisis

Palm oil is in just about every type of consumer product. Tragically, the industry poses a threat to these and other species, as much of it uses deforestation practices that greatly threaten these animals’ delicate habitat.


Adults, Families

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