Battle Against Animal Exploitation

Oakland Zoo advocates and takes action for the betterment of cats, bears, chimpanzees, and other animals who live in subpar captive conditions. Bred for personal or financial gain, very young animals are taken from their mothers to be exploited for entertainment purposes. These captive animals often live in subpar conditions, are mistreated, are malnourished, and never receive the specialized care they require. Working with remarkable organizations, Oakland Zoo rescues, rehabilitates, and advocates for bears, lions, tigers, and more.

Advocate for BCPSA.

Partner with PETA to fight for animals.

Expand education and advocacy.

Rescue and relocate big cats.

Rescue and provide sanctuary.

Evolve the Zoo's sanctuary model.

Partnership and progress go hand in hand.

Animal Defenders International

Animals Asia

Bear Education and Advocacy Alliance


Humane Society of the United States

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Performing Animal Wildlife Sanctuary