6 Photo 1 video Summer Snow Day

Oakland Zoo
July 17, 2018

Oakland isn’t known for below freezing temperatures and the animals of the savanna and tropical rain forest are pretty well adapted to the California climate. However, on those really hot, summer days, an early winter is a welcomed and enriching experience.

Here are some of the top photos of animals enjoying their day at SNOWkland Zoo!

Pretty sure that’s how the kid in the Christmas Story movie got his tongue stuck to the pole.

Stan the Military Macaw blushing over the excitement of a Snow Day!

This Coatimundi's extremely flexible nose allows him to examine the weird white cold stuff from the side.

This bear definitely likes it “on the rocks.”

White-faced whistling ducks not sure if they’ve ever seen this form of water in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Nothing like Otter Pops in the summer…

These Alaskan orphans are no stranger to a snow flake or two...

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