Welcome Baby Giraffe Kendi!

Oakland Zoo
October 19, 2023

Kendi Blog

All about our brand new baby giraffe, Kendi!

Watch Kendi LIVE on our new GiraffeCam -- click here to watch 🦒


Oakland Zoo is celebrating the newest addition to the giraffe herd, a baby female giraffe named Kendi! After a very long pregnancy (giraffes have a gestation period of 14-16 months), Kijiji (mother) gave birth to her first calf, Kendi on October 19, 2023, on the African Savanna habitat. Kendi is approximately 150 lbs. and is 6.5 feet tall. Kendi means ‘loved one' in Swahili, paying homage to the language spoken in Kenya, where you can find reticulated giraffes in the wild.

Kijiji has already exhibited her loving and protective nature by guiding Kendi into the giraffe barn. A separate area has been set up by Keepers in the barn for the calf and mother giraffe to bond peacefully. Kendi is already standing and walking around the giraffe barn and has successfully nursed from its mother. Kendi is expected to remain behind the scenes with the mom for approximately two weeks for the mother and baby to develop their relationship.

Read more about Kendi's birth in our press release!


Video of Kendi's first few days!


Nom nom practice — Kendi can’t actually eat this fresh mulberry yet, but baby giraffes love to mouth the leaves and immerse their faces in the trees.


In case you were wondering if a baby giraffe was cute...

photo: Keeper Taylor


Pssst....baby Kendi giraffe MAY be making her debut appearance on habitat on Monday! IF Kendi and Mama Kijiji are comfortable and ready, that is.

This 9-day old giraffe is doing great!

photo: Keeper Aeriell