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Welcome to the California Climate Learning Project

The California Climate Learning Project provides engaging, real-world STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics) learning experiences for local students in grades K-12, to increase climate and environmental literacy for future generations. This project is a collaborative effort between Oakland Zoo, Oakland Unified School District, and Oakland community educators.

We are proud to offer an ever-growing collection of learning content, a lending library of classroom Discovery Kits, and on-site field trips designed to engage students in active learning at the Zoo. Join us in empowering resilient climate and environmental stewards for the future!

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California Biodiversity

Get to know the unique animals and plants that make up California’s ecosystems and learn about the features that make these ecosystems both vulnerable and resilient.

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Climate Change

Learn about the features of our state’s ecology and biogeography and how climate resilience will be a critical step towards sustainability.

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Endangered Species

Meet the species that inhabit the California Trail and become a part of the solution in protecting the future of these unique animals.

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Indigenous Cultures

California’s cultural diversity is a living and breathing gift to our state. Learn about the indigenous cultures and their stewardship of resilient ecosystems.


Teacher and student resources are actively in development by our collaborators. Each module represents a curated set of activities that can be used as a deeper dive unit in the classroom, with or without a field trip to the zoo, or “a la carte” as STEAM enrichment. Check back here often for new modules and additional activities created by our dynamic team!

Animal Skull Morphology

Students will explore a range of California animal skulls and learn about the structure and function of these features in relation to their ecology.

Grades 4–8

Oh Deer! Animal Environments

Students will apply scientific thinking to explore the positive and negative impacts on species in a changing environment.

Grades 4–8

California Condor Ecology

Students will explore condor natural history, conservation efforts, and how biologists track this species in the wild.

Grades 8–12

Modules are developed in collaboration with educators.

Our Education Team worked closely with teachers, students, and community members throughout every process to create authentic and practical materials. The role of a collaborator is to maximize the success of a project. Through working with educators and community members who directly benefit and are involved closely with the produced materials, we aim to have a holistic approach to providing conservation education and climate literacy that is up to date and relevant for everyone.

Meet the Collaborators

This project was made possible by support from The Hearst Foundations. Additional funding provided by the Specified General Fund for the Museum Grant Program under the California Cultural and Historic Endowment.

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