Corporate Partnerships

We aren’t the zoo you might think we are...we’re so much more.

Operating the Oakland Zoo is just one of the ways in which we serve the San Francisco Bay Area community and the 7.1 million people that live, work and play here. We believe that people need nature to thrive...and that’s why we’re all about enriching life—for people and wildlife.

Shared Values

We’re looking to partner with corporations that share our values...and value the benefits of a thriving healthy ecosystem for the people that live and work in the Bay Area...companies committed to the wellbeing of the San Francisco Bay Area, its people, its wildlife. We’re committed to helping our partners to “do good and do well” in the process.

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The New California Trail

With our new $80 million California Trail exhibit opening up in 2018 to celebrate California’s unique biosphere—one of Earth’s most diverse places—we’re more excited than ever about what’s possible. We’re expecting over 800,000 visitors to experience the California Trail and ride our new Urban Gondola experience in our first year...and importantly be inspired to care and take action for our wildlife and natural spaces.

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Education and Conservation

Over the next three years, we’re committed to increasing the number of people from underserved communities that we serve through our extensive nature and science education programs...a different kind of education...and to ensuring that people and wildlife in California co-exist and thrive in a shared habitat with a focus on supporting 10 iconic California species.

And importantly, we’re committed to operating in a sustainable way—socially, environmentally and economically—providing our guests with a unique and memorable experience and amplifying our message and impact across the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

Projected Visitors in 2018:
Oakland Zoo Member Households:

Our Community

Family and Special Interest Groups



All levels of partnership contribute directly towards our purpose of enriching life—for people and wildlife.

Partnership Opportunities

Corporate Partnerships

We offer a limited number of corporate partnerships at various different levels, each designed to offer our partners multiple benefits over a multi-year term.

Making a Difference

All levels of partnership contribute directly towards our purpose of enriching life—for people and wildlife with 25% of each sponsorship dollar committed being used to fund our education and conservation programs.

Open for Business

We’re open for business and we’d love to explore with you how we can build a lasting partnership with your organization. Please contact our partnerships team at to set up an introductory call or visit to the Zoo and start discovering what’s possible together.

Corporate Partnership

Benefits of Partnership

Benefits afforded our partners span the following areas:

Brand Association

Official designations and use of IP on a royalty free basis

Brand Integration

Signature property opportunities, media, content, marketing collateral


Unique guest experiences, venue tickets, private events

Brand Activation

Product showcasing, promotions, premiums and guest engagement


Employees, guests, customers

Partner Support

Workshops, networking, annual reports, guest and member surveys

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Conservation is at our core.

Initiatives and partnerships are paving the way to a sustainable future.

We inspire respect for and stewardship of the natural world through our education, conservation, guest experience, sustainable management, and communication practices, in partnership with other organizations that share our values. In the process, we and our partners are playing our part to contribute towards a sustainable future for all, especially here in the Bay Area.