Donor Recognition Policy

Physical Naming Opportunities within Oakland Zoo

Recognition Terms

Naming opportunities are for the projected life of the object they are affixed to or for a minimum of ten years. When the time comes to refresh or rebuild the structure, facility or existing donor signage, donors with current contact information will be given the first opportunity to sustain their support at the level that is scaled against new construction. If the area where the signage resides is demolished, substantially renovated, or rebuilt within the agreed-upon recognition period, the recognition signage will continue to be displayed in an appropriate location that aligns with the donor’s original intent. Typically, donations are also recognized in the print and digital annual report in the fiscal year of the gift date.

In the case of theft or damage to the plaque and/or its surroundings Oakland Zoo will coordinate replacement and necessary maintenance.

Exceptions to the Above

Non-Fulfillment of Pledges

Oakland Zoo reserves the right to withdraw naming opportunities if a donor defaults on a pledge payment or payments.

Change or Modification of Name

Where a donor has been recognized with naming or recognition signage and the donor changes or alters their name or wishes to modify the inscription after approval, replacing or changing the existing signage will be at the expense of the donor.

This document does not supersede existing individual gift agreements.