Oakland Zoo Acquires Zebras from Safari West

Oakland Zoo
November 1, 2017

Two young male zebras join Oakland Zoo from Safari West, the move took place before the recent North Bay Fires.

Oakland, CA…October 31, 2017 –Two young male zebras have come to Oakland Zoo from Safari West in Santa Rosa, bringing the Zoo’s new herd to a total of four zebras altogether – two males and two females.

The new males, named ‘Beaker’ and ‘Beetlejuice,’ are ages 1 and 2 years old, and are far younger than their new female herd-mates – now in their 20s. Both females, named Stormy and Jumoke, have lived at Oakland Zoo their entire lives. The zebras have been slowly introduced to each other under the supervision and planning of zookeepers, and for the time being, the males are separated by a fence line until all four zebras settle down and show more signs of ease around each other.

The young males were chosen by Oakland Zoo’s zookeepers, because in the wild, a natural herd consists of four or more zebras, led by a male stallion. Male zebras are typically more behaviorally calm than females, zookeepers citing that ‘introducing two younger males would be easiest on our older ladies.’

Zookeepers report that the Beaker and Beetlejuice are doing very well, and have observed that Beaker and Jumoke are very interested in each other.

Zookeepers have also spent a lot of time with the new males, to teach them to be less afraid in general, as zebras are naturally very flighty animals. They are already learning newly trained behaviors, such as standing on a scale and moving into different stalls to allow maintenance of their exhibit.

“It is an immensely fun challenge for us to train these young zebra, as well as a huge social benefit for Stormy and Jumoke to have a herd again. We are really looking forward to finishing our introductions and having all four zebra together - and I think the zebra are looking forward to it as well!,”Amber Paczkowski, Zookeeper , Oakland Zoo.

Oakland Zoo’s zebras can be seen daily by the public from 10:00am - 4:00pm in the zoo's African Savanna section.

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