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Week 7 Supplemental Videos:

More About Rhinos from the International Rhino Foundation

Animal Relationships

Adopt An Animal at Oakland Zoo

Rescued Mountain Lion Cubs at Oakland Zoo

Support Sea Turtle Nesting Sites through ARCAS

Week 6 Supplemental Videos:

Bald Eagles Flying

Golden Eagle Diving/Hunting Stoop

Red-tailed Vanzosaur Caudal Autotomy

Elephant Story Time

Week 5 Supplemental Videos:

Male Deer Doing Parallel Walk

Oakland Zoo Brown Bears Play-fighting in Pool

Chameleon Changing Color

Cuttlefish Changing Color

Octopus Changing Color

African Lion Hunting Strategies

Trailer for Netflix's “Night on Earth” Documentary that Features Lion Hunting

Week 4 Supplemental Videos:

Oakland Zoo Alligators Getting Fed

Butterfly Metamorphosis Timelapse

Frog Metamorphosis Timelapse

Wolves Howling

Week 3 Supplemental Videos:

Giraffe Male Necking Fights

Gemina, the Crooked-Necked Giraffe

Rat Laughter

National Geographic Poop for Science

Week 2 Supplemental Videos:

Dr. Melin Tuttle's Bat Conservation Website

Draco Lizards Gliding

Oakland Zoo Mountain Lion Rescues

Week 1 Supplemental Videos:

Brown Bear Sounds

Oakland Zoo Animal Cams