Beads for Chimps

Beads for chimps is a collaboration of Community Action Project and Oakland Zoo, selling beautiful handmade paper beads to raise money for conservation! The beads are made by Community Action Project (CAP), a group of women living in Uganda who make crafts from sustainable materials. Oakland Zoo first met Margaret and the women of CAP when we visited Uganda on an Eco-trip. We were so inspired by their story that we purchased jewelry to be sold in the Oakland Zoo gift shop. Since then the partnership has evolved into a program where zoo guests can stop by a table and make their own jewelry while learning about conservation.

Conservation Approach

Beads for chimps helps chimpanzees in many ways. Margaret and her fellow co-workers use recycled magazines and newspapers to make the beads in order to reduce their impact on the environment. An important aspect of the Community Action Project is respecting the environment - they live near Kibale National Park, which boasts the densest population of primates in Africa, as well as many other species of wildlife. Reducing trash and making a statement about recycling and reusing helps all the animals in the area! Most importantly, all of the profits from selling the beads goes directly to the Budongo Snare Removal Project, an Oakland Zoo partner in Uganda that uses innovative community programs to help wild chimpanzees.

Margaret Kemigisa, founder of the Community Action Project, displaying "Kibale Beads"

You Can Take Action Too

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You can also stop by the table, located in the rainforest area of the zoo - we are out most weekend afternoons when the weather is nice. You can also buy beads in larger amounts from us, and give them out as party favors, host your own bead bazaar, use them as a classroom activity, or many other possibilities! Contact Adrienne for more details.

2020 Eco-Trip Visit to Community Action Project in Uganda