Cocktails & Conservation LIVE: Saving Oakland's Official Bird Photo Gallery

Tonight, Amy Gotliffe, Vice President of Conservation at Oakland Zoo, will speak with Golden Gate Audubon, International Bird Rescue, and Oakland Zoo’s Heron Rescue Team. We will be exploring how this alliance of organizations is Taking Action to ensure a future for the official bird of Oakland - the Black-Crowned Night Heron. These slides will supplement the presenters’ overview of their work.

Glenn Phillips, Executive Director - Golden Gate Audubon

Black-Crowned Night-Heron; Photo: Cindy Margulis
Great Egret; Photo: Napoli
Great Blue Heron; Photo: John Ehrenfeld
Snowy Egret; Photo: Cindy Margulis
Green Heron; Photo: Lee Aurich

Noelle Dohlin, Leader of Oakland Zoo’s Heron Rescue Team - Oakland Zoo

Ioana Seritan, Senior Wildlife Rehabilitation Technician - International Bird Rescue