Grizzly Berry

The Zoo just got a little sweeter!


All Ages

We partnered with our neighbors at TCHO to pay homage to the iconic wildlife that once roamed freely in our Golden State. It wasn’t long before we imagined bears foraging across California, which led TCHO to this blackberry-infused chocolate with a bite of blueberries. A roaring bar we call “Grizzly Berry.”

66% cacao, 100% plant-based and fair-trade

10% of proceeds go back to Oakland Zoo.

Stop by any of our restaurants, food stands, or gift shop to indulge in this delicious collaboration!

*Price not subject to member discount.

Did you know that this bar features some of our brown bear's favorite treats? The bears love to munch on blackberries and blueberries!

Remember you can help bears in the wild by Taking Action for Wildlife!