Distance Learning

Activities and lessons for sheltering in place

Continue where you left off at school with grade-level appropriate activities and lessons. From pre-school to post-school, there's something for everyone. Start by exploring some of our activities for all ages or jump to specific grade levels and dive in.

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An Animal's Home (Pre-K)

Coffee Filter Butterfly (Pre-K)

Nature Textures (Pre-K)

Pine Needle Hedgehog (Pre-K)

Kindergarten and 1st grade

Animal Needs (K)

Living vs. Nonliving (K)

Playdough Imprints (K)

Animal Eyes (1st)

Animal Noses (1st)

Leaping Lions (1st)

Butterfly Life Cycle with Pasta (1st)

How Plants Breathe (1st)

Bat Hearing Experiment (1st)

See, Smell, and Taste Like a Fruit Bat (1st)

2nd and 3rd grade

Get to Know a Local Tree (2nd)

Pollination (2nd)

- Bee Template

- Flower Template

Ant Observation (2nd)

Backyard Bugs (2nd)

- Nature Journal: Bug Observation

Virtual Scavenger Hunt (2nd, 3rd)

Animal Habitat Sort (2nd, 3rd)

Adaptation Challenge (3rd)

- Adaptation Photos

Bird Beak Game (3rd)

Bird Migration (3rd, 4th)

4th and 5th grade

Backyard Soil Discovery Bottles (4th)

Predator vs Prey (4th)

- Predator vs Prey Record Sheet

Q-tip Snake Skeleton (4th)

Digestion (5th)

Food Chain (5th)

Middle School

Habitat Fragmentation

Make Your Own Field Guide

Nature Survey

Our Planet | Netflix: Guided Viewing by Episode

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

The Secrets of Nature | YouTube or Amazon Prime: Guided Viewing by Episode

1 | 2 | 3

Hostile Planet | Disney+: Guided Viewing by Episode

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

High School

Natural Selection

All Ages

Arctic Animal Investigation

Oakland Zoo Animals Shelter In Place Coloring Pages 1 | 2

A Slug Story

Wild Animal Tracks

Animal Dice Activity

Camouflage Game

Animal Groups Matching Activity

Animal Baby Names Matching Activity

Nature Collage

Nature Web

Seed Paper

Woodland Creature and Fairy Houses

Neighborhood Nature Bingo

Word Searches

Oakland Zoo Mammals Word Search

Oakland Zoo Fruit Bat Word Search

Oakland Zoo Bat Word Search

Oakland Zoo Mountain Lions Word Search

Oakland Zoo Reptiles Word Search

Oakland Zoo Amphibians Word Search

Oakland Zoo Birds Word Search 1 | 2

Oakland Zoo Invertebrates Word Search 1 | 2

Habitats and Adaptations Word Search

Skulls and Structures Word Search

Digestion and Scat Word Search


Oakland Zoo Birds (Easy | Medium | Hard

- Answer Keys (Easy | Medium | Hard)

Oakland Zoo Conservation (Easy | Answer Key)

Baby Animals (Easy | Answer Key)

Habitats and Adaptations (Medium | Answer Key)

Food Webs (Medium | Answer Key)

Mountain Lions (Medium | Answer Key)

Skulls and Structures (Hard | Answer Key)

Digestion and Scat (Hard | Answer Key)

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