Unfortunately, due to air quality concerns and potential weather conditions, Oakland Zoo is closed on August 24.

If you are not a member and have unused tickets for August 24th, please email tickets@oaklandzoo.org to have your tickets re-issued for a new date to visit us. Reservation dates are available up to 30 days from today.

Members, simply scroll down to rebook your reservation for a new date.

Please accept our sincere apologies, and thank you for supporting Oakland Zoo.

Oakland Zoo is excited and eager to offer Bay Area families a safe place for outdoor recreation and education. In compliance with the Alameda County Public Health Department—to protect the health and safety of our guests, staff, and animals—we have implemented new safety protocols. Please remember, in order to remain open, the Zoo and our guests must comply with the protocols set by Alameda County Public Health Department. Thank you in advance for following the protocols outlined below.

Current Protocols for Visiting Oakland Zoo

Did You Have a Reservation During our December-January Closure?

Due to Safety Guidelines, Capacity is Limited

Have Questions?

What to Expect When You Visit

Please review the following information before you make reservations or purchase tickets for your visit.

Member reservations and ticket purchases are required in advance.

Advanced reservations are currently required for member entry before 2pm. Members can visit after 2pm without a reservation.

Friends of the Wild do not need to make advanced reservations for daytime admission and can visit at any time during normal business hours.

For current Zoo Hours, including when the entrance closes and when the Zoo is cleared, please visit our Hours & Pricing page.

  • Before you leave home, print your tickets and parking pass. Be ready to present them at the Zoo entrance gate.

  • If you are unable to print your ticket and parking pass, download the PDF on your phone before you leave home as cell service is spotty at the zoo.

Review face mask rules for vaccinated and unvaccinated guests.

See additional information in the FAQ section below »

  • Masks are strongly recommended for indoor spaces (including indoor exhibits, the gift shop, restaurants, and restrooms) by all individuals ages 2 and up, regardless of vaccination status. We also recommend wearing a mask outdoors when adequate distancing may not be possible.

Enjoy refreshments and dining.

Snacks, entrees, beverages, and water are available for purchase.

  • The Landing Café, Tuskers Grill, Safari Cafe, and Savanna's Edge are open.

  • Tuskers Grill & The Landing Café accept online orders for takeout food and beverages, making it easy to plan ahead.

  • Drinking fountains are closed; however, water filling stations are open at the Main Entrance, California Trail and the Children's Zoo.

Check out our guidelines for a great visit.

We want everyone's visit to Oakland Zoo to be an enjoyable experience. Please show courtesy and respect to fellow park guests as well as Zoo staff, volunteers, and animals. Aggressive or discriminatory behavior, vandalism, vulgarity, excessive rowdiness, throwing items in animal habitats, feeding and/or harassing our animals—and any other disrespectful behavior—will not be tolerated. This behavior will result in immediate ejection from the zoo without a refund on admission. Additionally:

  • Report any disturbance of the animals or facilities to Zoo Staff.

  • No scooters, skateboards, or bicycles allowed inside the Zoo.

  • No balloons, inflatables, sound systems, or other items that may disturb animal residents allowed inside the Zoo.

  • No personal decorations (streamers, signs, balloons, etc.) may be installed on Zoo property unless pre-approved by the Zoo.

  • No vendors, parties, or reserving spaces (including restaurant tables) allowed on-site unless pre-approved by the Zoo. Please note that, at this time, the Zoo is not hosting parties for the public.

  • Outside food and drink is allowed inside the Zoo but must be enjoyed outside of Zoo restaurants/dining areas.

  • Feeding wildlife including turkeys, squirrels, skunks and raccoons is prohibited.

  • Keep safely behind barriers and only in designated public areas.

  • No sitting or standing on railings or fences. No dangling items (or kids) over habitat barriers.

  • No smoking or vaping allowed.

  • Dogs or other pets are not allowed on Zoo grounds or in parking areas. Service dogs are allowed.


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