Resources and educational activities that bring the Zoo to YOU!

May 1-31, 2020


Zoo@Home allows you to experience all the educational opportunities from the comfort of your home!

Continue where you left off at school with grade level appropriate activities and lessons. From pre-school to post-school, our distance learning page has something for everyone. Start by exploring some of our activities for all ages or jump to specific grade levels and dive in.
Animal Anecdotes
Learn all about our zoo animals and ask those questions you've always wondered. Why are squirrel monkeys yellow? Do grizzly bears roar? Find out here.
Junior Zookeepers
Animals need more than food, water, and shelter to be happy and healthy; they need enrichment, things to keep them mentally stimulated. Explore, tips, tricks, and recipes for keeping your pets mentally stimulated while sheltering in place.
Safely Enjoying Nature
Safely enjoying nature and the outdoors is more important than ever, not only for our physical health, but also our mental well-being. Nature journaling, hiking, and gardening with Oakland Zoo’s education staff are some of the great ways to find beauty, peace, and comfort. 
Conservation doesn’t stop because we’re stuck at home. Join us and take action for wildlife from your home, balcony, or backyard.