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Oakland Zoo is committed to protecting wild elephants by supporting partners who combat poaching and collaborate with communities to co-exist with this iconic, endangered species. Learn more here.

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About the Elephant Cam

Watch the African Elephants at Oakland Zoo live! This elephant habitat includes 6.5 acres of grassy hills, trees, a swimming pond, and mud wallow. Like elephants in the wild, our elephants spend most of their time grazing, browsing on tree branches and foraging. Did you know elephants eat 200-300 pounds of food a day?

Our zookeepers spread food and enrichment throughout this exhibit eight times per day to encourage the elephants' socializing, roaming and foraging behavior. Proper and adequate exercise helps keep our elephants healthy which is very important to us. Elephants are highly intelligent and emotional beings with unique personalities, forming bonds and relationships with each other both in captivity and the wild.

Additionally, if you’re visiting this page during evening hours (8pm-6am Pacific) while our animals are slumbering, you’ll see some highlights of our favorite moments on these webcams. During the daytime, the cameras are streaming live!

Meet Our Elephants


Born in 1979, Donna quickly became the dominant female. Playful, she often charges into the pool for a cool-down. Donna is eager to learn, loves to participate in training, and is closely bonded with Lisa, whom she sleeps with every night.


Born in 1994, Osh is over 10ft 8in tall and weighs 13,500 pounds and still growing! He will eventually be about twice the size of the females. In elephant society, males leave their family groups in their teens, so you will often see Osh spending time on his own.

Lisa (1977-2023)

Lisa came to Oakland Zoo in 1979, and her decades-long residency deeply impacted her dedicated keepers, veterinary team, staff, volunteers, and millions of Zoo guests.

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