Wayne and Gladys Valley Children's Zoo

Located near the lower entrance of the Zoo, the Wayne and Gladys Valley Children’s Zoo encourages children to learn through exploration and play.

Animals and Attractions

See what the Children's Zoo has in store for you.

Explore and Play


Discover and follow animal footprints as they meander through the Zoo; where will they lead? Dig in the sand alligators; what will you find? Quietly search the Reptile and Amphibian room; what will you hear? Watch the otters swim and play in the Otter Den, see what it feels like to crawl through a tortoise shell, hop across the Lily Pad Pond, uncover ancient life-sized fossils, and cross the wooden rope bridge to see the lemurs relaxing in the sun. Don’t forget to stop by the play structure and climb on the spiderweb.

Petting Yard

Please see Admissions page for Petting Yard hours.

Visit the Petting Yard and gently pet the goats and sheep.

Live Animal Encounters

As you make your way through the zoo have an experience like no other. Meet one of our staff or docents while they bring around small animals for you to have an up close encounter!

Clorox Wildlife Theater

Find out what’s on the stage of the Clorox Wildlife Theater! You may find a live animal encounter, Zoo Trivia hosted by our Teen Wild Guides, or a fun family performance to sit and enjoy.

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Teen Wild Guides

While exploring and playing in the Children's Zoo, you might see teens roving with animal artifacts or stationed near an animal. These amazing volunteers are our Teen Wild Guides and they've got interesting animal facts to share with you!

Oakland Zoo actively supports conservation programs for lemurs.

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