Oakland Zoo Trading Cards

We offer a way for collectors of all ages to take home a piece of the Zoo to commemorate their visit. These collectible trading cards feature some of the most fascinating animals under our care. Find them by interacting with select Oakland Zoo staff, during Keeper Talks, coming to special events, and more! Every month, the cards available will rotate. Be sure to come back soon so you can gather up the whole set!

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Visit our Trading Post table in front of the Habitarium at California Trail.

Every Wednesday from 11:00am–3:00pm

Collector Album

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Trading Card List

Check out our full list of cards available in January or look below to see where to find them.

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Gray Wolf

Aldabra Tortoise

African Elephant

Malayan Wreathed Hornbill

Grizzly Bear

Photograph of grizzly bear walking on dirt path; trading card 5 out of 100; availablePhotograph of grizzly bear walking on dirt path; trading card 5 out of 100; currently out of stock, but back soon


Ring-Tailed Lemur


Mountain Lion

Great Curassow

American Alligator


Reticulated Giraffe

American Bison

Giant African Millipede

Ball (Royal) Python

White-Handed (Lar) Gibbon

California Condor

North American River Otter

Spotted Hyena

Malayan Flying Fox

Southern Pudu

Superb Starling

Leaf-Cutter Ant


Colorado River Toad

Common Wallaroo


Cotton-Top Tamarin

Gila Monster

Yellow-Billed Stork

Bald Eagle

Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Plains (Grant's) Zebra

Sun Ber

Green Mantella Frog

Schmidt's Red-Tailed Monkey (Guenon)

Lilac-Crowned Amazon

New Guinea Walking Stick

Red-Tailed Hawk

Eastern Box Turtle


Red-Rumped Agouti

Black Tree Monitor

Guira Cuckoo

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

Dromedary Camel

Amazon Milk Tree Frog

Blue and Gold Macaw

Pancake Tortoise

Guinea Forest Hog

Egyptian Goose

Squirrel Monkey

Amazon Tree Boa

Pied Crow

Western Pond Turtle

Hadada Ibis

Crowned Lemur

Black-Throated Monitor

Malaysian Dead Leaf Mantis


African Spurred Tortoise

Hooded Vulture

Henkel's Leaf-Tailed Gecko



Black Widow Spider

Military Macaw

Shetland Sheep

White-Faced Whistling Duck

Dyeing Poison Dart Frog

Blue-Fronted Amazon

Eastern Lubber Grasshopper

Rock Hyrax

Florida Red-Bellied Turtle

American Black Bear

Dermestid Beetle

Blue-Bellied Roller

Colombian Red-Tailed Boa

Sudan Plated Lizard

Black Beauty Walking Stick

Taveta Golden Weaver

Domestic Rabbit

Hamadryas Baboon

Chinese Giant Tiger Leg Centipede

Red-Lored Amazon


Speckled Pigeon

Panamanian Golden Frog

Madagascar Sacred Ibis

Spotted Turtle

Agile Wallaby

Caribbean Cave Cockroach

Blue Spiny Lizard

LaMancha Goat

Red-Bellied Parrot

Starry Night Reed Frog

Green Anole

Golden Silk Orb-Weaver

African Lion