Tropical Rainforest

As you explore, notice the naturalistic rock work, vines, climbing structures and lush foliage. Animals like our chimpanzee, white-handed gibbon, siamang, cotton-topped tamarin, and squirrel monkeys live, climb, eat, and relax high in the tree tops. See several types of bird and reptile species and our majestic tiger enclosure complete with pond and waterfall.

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Tropical rainforests are one of the most diverse environments on earth.

Tropical Rainforests

Making Our Animals Feel at Home

Ever wonder why some of the enclosures have a river of water around them? Or, why the blue and gold macaws don't fly away?  Some species, like our white-handed gibbons and siamangs, are not great swimmers. In the wild, they avoid crossing streams and rivers. In an effort to create the most natural space possible and keep them safe, the Oakland Zoo opted for a river instead of glass windows. It’s easier for you to view them, and it’s more natural for our animals. As for the macaws, we have taught them that spending time on their ever-changing cluster of trees is rewarding and safe. Because of this, we do not need to trim their wing feathers. The keepers join the macaws in their habitat multiple times throughout the day and offer them snacks, novel things to chew on, positive opportunities to interact, and other enrichment that makes their exhibit exciting all day long!

Clorox Wildlife Theater

Find out what’s on the stage of the Clorox Wildlife Theater! You may find a live animal encounter, Zoo Trivia hosted by our Teen Wild Guides, or a fun family performance to sit and enjoy.

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